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While all shop visits include a guided tour, more in-depth styling services can be provided if needed. For more details, please visit our Styling page


Delivery and pickup is curbside unless setup and teardown services are requested in advance. Setup and teardown fees begin at $75 and increase based on the size of your order. Arrangements must be made at least 7 days prior to delivery and pick-up.


Delivery and Pickup service fees begin at $125 and increase based on mileage and the size of your order.

Deliveries are typically made on the day of an event or one day prior. Pick-ups are typically made the day after. Delivery and pickup is curbside, which means that the drop off/pick up points of the items are at the end of the designated commercial dock, residential garage, or driveway. Customers are responsible for carrying their rentals to and from the designated drop off points, unless setup and teardown services are requested in advance.

Deliveries and pick-ups that must be made after 6 p.m. will incur an additional fee of $150. Deliveries and pickups that must be made on a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, or New Years Day) will incur an additional fee of $200.


Customers are welcome to pick up and return their orders for no additional fees. However, customer are responsible for loading all their rental items and ensuring that  are properly stowed and secured within their vehicle. Customer shall be responsible for any damage to the rental items which result from improper stowing and securing.

Rental items must be transported in an enclosed vehicle such as a van or a box truck for protection against all weather related risks (e.g. high wind, snow, rain, wet or flooded surfaces, extreme cold or heat).  Extra large items, overtly fragile pieces, and large orders may not be eligible for customer pick-up.